Thursday, March 22, 2012

Practice Experience


My first Practice was at Colegio Orlando Peña, it’s a primary school that is located in Gomez Carreño. I was assigned two courses, 1st grade and 6th grade.
The courses weren’t divided into levels; there was only one per grade. The courses are composed of approximately 25 to 30 students. In 1st grade there were only 15 students, in 6th grade there were 27.
The students had a coursebook that was given by the MINEDUC that had all the material that the students would use for the entire school year. It was the only material that was used to teach the students, she didn’t use other books, games or anything that would motivate the students.  About 100% of the classes I participated in were only coursebook. She had a very traditional methodology because she never used anything new, didn’t have interesting material.

It was a great experience because I was able to see what teachers do and how they teach in a difficult teaching environment. I also learned to copy some of the good things the teacher did and to avoid the bad things. The children were great, but undisciplined.

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