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Methodology.   March, 19 and 21.

Ø  Krashen and Terrell: Here I presented you the items of Natural Approach.

The Natural Order Hypothesis
We acquire the rules of language in a predictable order.
The Acquisition/ Learning Hypothesis
Adults have two distinctive ways of developing competences in second languages that are acquisition that is by using language for real communication. And the other one is learning that is "knowing about" language.
The Monitor Hypothesis
Conscious learning can only be used as a Monitor or an editor.
The Input Hypothesis
Humans acquire language in only one way - by understanding messages or by receiving comprehensible input.
The Affective Filter Hypothesis
A mental block, caused by affective factors that prevent input from reaching the language acquisition device.

In this table I’ll describe you the differences between Acquisition and Learning.

implicit, subconscious
explicit, conscious
informal situations
formal situations
uses grammatical 'feel'
uses grammatical rules
depends on attitude
depends on aptitude

Here is a combined model of acquisition and production.

The general ideas of Natural Approach are:
The goal is 'the ability to communicate with native speakers of the target language.  
Acquisition activities are central, though some Monitoring may be useful for some people sometimes.
Lower the Affective Filter: they won't learn if their affective barrier is too high.

Acquisition is a subconscious process identical in all important ways to the process children utilize in acquiring their first language.
Learning which is a conscious process that results in 'knowing about' the rules of language.

- I found this page with all the material of Natural Approach of Krashen and Terrell, I hope you watch it and enjoy it.

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