Friday, March 16, 2012

1 First class of Metyhodology

What is Methodology?  

According to the class of March, 12. Methodology for me  is a procedure or a sets of practices that helps teachers to plan a class, in wich also contains strategies of teaching, assesment and teaching resources.

Ø  Teaching English in Chile
in Chile we have three types of schools:
1.    The Private Schools.
2.    The Public Schools
3.    Particular Subvencionado Schools.  
But in general the teachers have problems to teach in a class, and now I’m going to tell you what are the problems:
One of the problems is the low motivation that the teacher have to teach a content.
Not enough time: In the classroom the teachers don’t have much time to do their classes because they only have 4 or 6 hours at week, so that is’n enough time to complete all the planification that they have.
Lack of Material: Sometimes the teachers don’t have enough material to do their classes, because they don’t planificate at time. And that is a big problems at schools.
Lack of Techniques: The first technique we need to master is activity because this is the most important technique of effective classroom management to get right. If teachers don’t have this they are lost in his class.
Lack of Control: One of the reasons could be your teaching style. If you aren't reaching every one of your students, they can become bored, disinterested and restless. Another reason for discipline issues is that you may be dealing with students with many personal problems.
Qualified: The teachers have to be qualified to do their classes, they have to manage  the content and the material, also thay have to prepare for everything.
Cultural Context: The teachers have to established a climate of respectufl relationships emphatic with their students. Also creating a climate of respect for gender differences, cultural, ethnic and socio-economic. 
Committed Teacher: Teacher commitment has been identified as one of the most critical factors for the future success of education and schools. Teacher commitment is closely connected to teachers’ work performance and their ability to innovate and to integrate new ideas into their own practice, staff turnover, as well as having an important influence on students’achievement in, and attitudes toward school.
The level of teachers’ commitment is considered to be as a key factor in the success of current educational reform agenda as it heavily influences teachers’ willingness to engage in cooperative,reflective and critical practice.

Learning a Language: Skills ( Reading, Writting, Listening, Speaking).





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