Monday, October 15, 2012

texts Summaries

Here are the three summaries about the texts that the teacher gaves us to work on. The first one is the text called "An Ecology Of Houses", then "The Velociraptor" and finally the poem.

An Ecology of Houses:
-       The text talked about that the humans for many years have changed the natural environment and have amassed solid constructions like buildings, villages, houses and left behind the green of nature, the forests and lakes. For many years the humans chose living in cities because they find their economic stability and left behind the life in the countryside.

The Velociraptor -like robot that could save your life.
-       The text says that the scientists have created a robot that can save many lives after mayor disasters such as earthquakes, etc. They based the velociraptor’s movement such as keep stable themselves using only its tail.

Home they brought her warrior dead:
-       The poem is about the body of a dead warrior is brought home to his wife and she hasn’t any reaction about it because it was shocking to see her husband dead. The dead of her husband was to surprise for her so that killed her inside.

Teaching Reading: The Velociraptor

This our second part of our work.

Students have to answer some questions about the text the velociraptor to see if they understood the text.

Teaching Reading: Ecology of Houses

This is our work about teaching reading, it was very difficult for us at first because we tried to find some activities that were interest for the students. But the important thing is that we do our best and we hope you enjoy it.

Activities description

Class Discusion

Introduction to Key Words

Most / Least Activity


Skimming and Scanning

Practicing Key Words

Reacting To Reading


Teaching Reading: Poems

This is our third part of the work, here we have the two poems activities.