Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Nature of Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching

Theory of Language March, 14.


Theory of language

There are three theories on language:
1) Structural view: Understanding (meaning) in target language is the main objective of language learning. Focus: phonological unit, grammatical unit, grammatical operation and lexical item (function words and structure words)
Method: Audio lingual method, TPR, the Silent Way.

2) Functional view: Language is a vehicle for the expression of functional meaning. Language takes as its role to communicate (transfer and receive information). Focus: semantic and communicative dimension rather than merely the grammatical characteristics of language, and leads to a specification and organization of language teaching content by categories of meaning and function rather than elements of structure and grammar.

Method: Communicative Language Learning.

Structural: System of rules.

Functional: Categories of function and meaning.

Interactional: Vehicle of Social
                        Interaction and Transactions.
                        Experience (learners).


Theory of Learning:  Is a process oriented in: Habit, Induction, Inference, Hypothesis, and Generalization.

Condition – Oriented: Is the Nature of the human, physical context.


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